Friday, 6 September 2019

Double Cone Blender Manufacturer in India

We are leading manufacturer and supplier of Double Cone Blender in India. We are the best supplier in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Mumbai, Pune, and some other cities of India. In the event that you are searching for the dead spot free mixing of the dry powder, you can attempt our Double cone blender, planned and created to convey homogeneous and dead spot free blending of the strong material, making us unmistakable in the businesses as a most solid double cone blender maker around the world. All the contact portions of this blender are made utilizing the AISI 316 evaluation tempered steel material, while other upheld gear is produced utilizing AISI 304 SS material. The all around adjusted structure and statically adjusted assembling of this blender guarantee for the top quality yield in the limited ability to focus time with no harm and it is prescribed to fill two third of the all out amount. Double Cone Blender is an effective and flexible machine for blending of dry powders and granules homogeneously. All the contact parts are made of tempered steel. The powerful volume for ideal homogeneity is between 35-70% of gross volume. The Double cone configuration dispenses with dead spots. All the contact parts made out of hardened steel of required evaluation by client. Two third of the volume of the Cone Blender is filled to guarantee appropriate blending. It tends to be utilized for Pharmaceutical, Food, Chemical and Cosmetic items and so on.

Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Pharma IBC Container


                   We jaliyana Equipments is a well known as a leading manufacturer and Supplier of pharma IBC container in india from Broda. We also manufacturer some other products like SS IPC container, Vibro sifter, Intermediate bulk container, Bin Blender, Industrial stirrer, Octagonal blender In Gujarat and also exporting them in other countries. IBC container is also known as a Intermediate bulk container. Pharma IBC container is reduce storage space so shipping expenses so. This containers are mainly designed for storage and transport of bulk liquid. IBC container is defined as a container used for transport and storage of fluids and bulk materials. The pharmaceuticals IBC containers are used to stored granulated substances like food ingredients, solvents, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. If you are looking for the durable, efficient and large quantity containers. Then we take the opportunity to manufacturer according to your specific needs.

Benefits of Pharma IBC Containers
·   Very  cost effective way to safely move a variety of products from A to point B.
·   IBC are move effective then round tanks of them can occupy the same space.
·  Cube shaped rigid can be stacked for optimal use of space during shipping

Features of Pharma IBC Containers
·        Customized dimensions and load capacity options
·        Feature smooth edge finish
·        Container available in a variety of sizes and capacities
·        Provide for ideal storage and logistics handling solutions
·        Non standard types can also be customized

Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Multi Mill

We are leading manufacturer and supplier of the Multi Mill in India. Multi Mill is generally utilized for wet and dry granulation, pulverization and etc., in Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Cosmetics, colors, Dyestuff, Food item and so on it likewise discovers application in Pesticides, Spices, Detergents, Insecticides, Plastic and Resins Industries. This pharmaceutical multi factory is intended to work on the rule of variable power swing mixers having blades and effect edges. These mixers turn inside the restricted screen so as to get the required size decrease of the material. In  Multi Mill the container at the top is accommodated the sustaining of the material and enters to chamber, where size decrease happens. The prepared material goes through the screen and collects in the compartment set underneath the multi factory. The speed and heading of the blade and effect edges is anything but difficult to change, while the basic structure of the factory guarantees simple cleaning after the procedure.


·         Delivers controlled size output across its lifespan

·         Made from top grade SS material to prevent contamination

·         All the parts are well balanced and ensures seamless execution

·         Speed and direction of the blade is adjustable as per need

·         Easy to disassemble and easy to clean

·         Design is as per the cGMP standards

·         Ideal for wet material as well as dry material size reduction

·         5 mm to 12 mm hole diameter screens are available

·         Number of blades and screens can be combined as per requirement

·         The variable frequency drive enables multiple speed control

Monday, 18 March 2019

Vibro Sifter

With thorough industry knowledge, we are engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of Vibro Sifter. The Vibro Sifter we are offering are manufactured by our professionals, using modern machines, technology and quality-tested material & components obtained from the certified vendors of the market. All Vibro sifter are developed in accordance with the norms already laid by the industry and so for the reason highly applauded all over the region. Details overview of this mechanical sifter is mentioned as under:

We are one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of Vibro Sifter. Developed in compliance with the established norms and standards of the industry, these mechanical sifter are used to separate mass composition of solids from solids, liquid from solid and for gradation of materials as per particle size. A team of deft experts monitor the entire production process, with an aim to manufacture premium quality Vibro sifter. In addition to this, our quality experts examine this sifter on variegated parameters of quality, before the end delivery. We also offer this mechanical sifter in customized range as per the specifications given by the clients.

Below mentioned are some important details of these Vibro Sifter:

  • These Vibro Sifters vibrate the screens in three different planes along the vertical axis by means of a specially designed vibratory motor having off centered weights at the top and bottom end of the motor shaft
  • The top weight causes vibration in the horizontal plane which causes the material to move across the screen towards the periphery
  • The lower weight acts to tilt the machine which causes vibration in the vertical tangential axis
  • The angle of lead of the lower weight with relation to the upper weight provides variable control of the screening pattern. Thus the material moves across the screens and also in the vertical and tangential planes enabling maximum screening
  • The sifter unit includes vibratory motor to run on 400/440 V with suitable HP, 3 phase, 50 cycles electric supply
  • These sifter are equipped with adjustable eccentric weights at the top and bottom of the motor shafts mounted vertically at the center of the base plate of screening unit
  • Screening unit consists of SS 304 screen sandwiched between SS 304 hopper and bowl with the help of special clamp with gasket
  • Rugged springs placed over the circular motor base amplify the vibration and at the same time restrict the vibration from being transferred to the floor
  • Vibro sifter are available with a wide range of possible screen sizes (mesh) Option for multiple deck separation is also possible


  • To separate mass composition of solids, liquid from solid and for gradation of materials as per particle sizes

Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Ribbon Blender Machine

The blending technology is used in industries such as pharmaceutical industries, food processing, animal feed processing, chemical, fertilizers, and pigments.

The U shape  horizontal mixer machine, popularly known as Ribbon Blender or Ribbon Mixer  machine, it contains the spiral ribbon blades known as the double helical  ribbons mounted on the horizontal agitator shaft, any other machine can’t match the cost effective large scale powder mixing process. This spiral ribbon blender also used in the process of distribution of liquids and pasty products in micro dosages.

The RIBBON BLENDER is ribbon mixer machine broadly implements for the manufacture of dry powder, granules, talcum powder, spice and liquid in chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and also cosmetics industries. Ribbon blender machine has built the great trust among the users because of its multitasking ability of mixing the different solid powder, wet powder and added slurry type material along with the addition of liquid add-on it’s accuracy of mixing, low power consumption, and also low keeping up cost with no vibration and noiseless and easy operation

Together with the double ribbons that provide to & fro, up & down movement to the powder. To break lumps of the mixture there are two chopper blades moving at cutting speed at diagonally opposite sides. It perfectly and rapidly blends small segment into large stocks and also suitable to mix a small quantity of liquids to powder stocks. This low working cost equipment is available with capacities of 5 to 10,000 liters.

The following are the applications of the Ribbon Blender:

  • Blending large scale of dry solids.
  • Dry powder transformed to wet phase mixing.
  • Merge of bulk drugs and chemicals.
  • Go through the material with heating, cooling and drying.
  • Feeding a charging port get on to the top of the blender.